DBE in New Mexico

This is the home of the New Mexico chapter of the Daughters of the British Empire.

Who We Are

Founded in 1908, the DBE is a non-profit, philanthropic organization, the main beneficiaries of which are our four retirement homes for people of all nationalities Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of ladies from many different backgrounds but with a common heritage and common philanthropic cause. It is the source of close and long-term friendships.

The motto of DBE reflects the active role of members in charitable activities:

 “Not ourselves but the cause.”

Mission Statement 

The mission of DBE, in keeping with the organization’s objectives, is to bring together, in friendship, women of British and British commonwealth birth or ancestry for charitable purposes.

Our Membership

Members come from all over the British Common- wealth and from around the world through marriage, adoption and ancestry, often discovered through geneaological research.