DBE in New Mexico

This is the home of the New Mexico Chapter of the Daughters of the British Empire.

DBE History & Purpose

DBE Background & History

The Daughters of the British Empire (DBE) is a  charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, voluntary American society, with members nationwide.

The Society was founded in the USA in 1909 as the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire in the USA, and became known as the National Society Daughters of the British Empire in the USA, in 1920.

Under the auspices of the National Society Daughters of the British Empire in the USA, four homes for retired men and women have been established with 501(c)(3) status in the four recognized Districts.

DBE has Chapters in over 30 states. The states are geographically divided into four DBE Districts: Eastern, Midwestern, Southern, and Western. The governing body  of the society is a National Board of Officers elected every three years from one of the four geographic Districts. A Board of officers elected from the membership administers each State in DBE.

DBE Purpose & British Homes

The primary purpose of DBE is the support of the four District Homes established by DBE for retired men and women of all nationalities, race and religion, who are residents and/or citizens of the USA.

The secondary purpose is donating to any 501(c)(3) charitable organization selected by a Chapter or State, and to foster an understanding of British and British Commonwealth cultures and traditions.

British Homes established by DBE are located in each of the four Districts: the Victoria Home in Ossining, New York; the British Homes in Brookfield, Illinois; the Mountbatten House in Highlands, Texas; and the British Home in California, Ltd. in Sierra Madre, California.

The DBE Homes have their own individual bylaws and rules of admission. Anyone interested in obtaining additional information about DBE Homes can use the link provided on the DBE National Society website at:  www.dbenational.org

The motto of DBE reflects the active role of members in charitable activities:

 “Not ourselves but the cause.”

Mission Statement & Our Membership

Mission Statement 

The mission of DBE, in keeping with the organization’s objectives, is to bring together, in friendship, women of British and British commonwealth, birth or ancestry, for charitable purposes.

Our Membership

Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of ladies from many different backgrounds, that have a common heritage and common philanthropic cause. Members come from all over the British Commonwealth and from around the world through marriage, adoption and ancestry, often discovered through genealogical research. Being a DBE member is the source of close and long-term friendships.